4th Grade Look At Learning

We love 4th Graders! They are fun and goofy, capable of deep thinking, and worry a lot! It’s an exciting year of learning and change. It's a year in which the children take great strides in recognizing the world around them, and begin defining the part they play in this world. 

Language Arts and Social Studies Units
The following are the major units of study for Language Arts and Social Studies. 

 Questions of Value

Class Economy

Social Inequality

We start out the year by looking at the scientific process with The Sad Situation of Sam Smiley. We study electricity and magnetism, water and land, and also participate in the middle school science fair. 

In 4th grade, we extend the students’ knowledge of multiplication and division. We begin learning about decimals and fractions, and learn long division and multi-digit multiplication. We also try to extend the students’ concept of math in a variety of ways. 

We believe that poetry should be taught year round. Below is our unit overview.