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Narrated Books using Book Creator on the iPad

Book Creator allows anyone to create their own books using images, text, videos, and audio recordings. You can arrange your book in three different formats; portrait, square, or landscape. Each page in your book can include pictures and videos from your iPad’s camera roll and or from your iTunes library. In addition to the pictures and videos you can include as much as text as you can fit on each page. In fact, if you just want to have text on a page you can do that. If you would like to narrate your book you can tap the record button to add your voice to each page of your book. Every page in your book can have a custom color scheme.

Book Creator for the iPad from Red Jumper Studio on Vimeo.

Create an Interactive Book with iBooks Author

Check out How to Create an Interactive Book With iBooks Author by Timothy Brown on Snapguide.

Picasa Picture Album: Classmates Reading Worldwide

Start a summer Picasa album that allows students to post pictures. Students post pictures of themselves, faces hidden by the open book, reading in their summer locations.

Since faces are hidden by books, internet safety is in place. Also, students can guess which classmate is behind the book. I ran the idea by my students this morning – and they were really excited. They then asked if they could post pictures of their travels (with no faces or names) attached to poems or captions of their activities. Ummmm…..yeah. That’s like asking, Teacher, can we write?

Picasa pictures may be added to a Google map, giving classmates further clues as to their classmates’ identities.

Students without computers or internet access can get ideas from the Quirky Momma Kids Activity Blog.

Ideas submitted by Janet Moeller-Abercrombie: Grade 5 teacher, Hong Kong International School

Curate and share ideas for Library or book displays using Pinterest


Guess the book with Wordle
Display a colorful Wordle that includes words like: character names, locations, words that describe events or characters of a book along with a title "Guess the Book".  Another idea is to make a Wordle Advertisement for a book.

Other ideas with Wordle ...

Fran Bullington, Lead Librarian, Boiling Springs High School, Boiling Springs, SC:  Using Wordle and PowerPoint, my student service learners create visual teasers for books that are displayed on the digital frame on our Circ Desk.

Ban the Boring Book Report
Gywneth Jones has a great site with all kinds of ideas of alternatives to boring book reports.  How about creating Fake Facebook walls for fictional characters? 
Google Docs Fakebook Template

Gywneth's wiki and blog is brimming with cool ideas.  Be sure to check out ....

Use VoiceThread to engage your students during your Summer Reading program or as a way to check for comprehension when school starts.

Book Reviews - 100 words or less

Subscribe to this YA lit blog:YA Lit in 100 Words or Less where the reviewer posts short reviews and suggested songs to read by. . Challenge your students to do the same or have them post the short reviews and have other students guess the title.

Lynne Herr, Ph.D.,Technology Integration Specialist ESU 6, Milford, NE suggests to record student book reviews and upload to the school or teacher youtube channel. Link to those book reviews via a QR Code on a bulletin board that has a photo of the book.

LibriVox:  free audiobooks + public domain eBooks

LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and then post  the audio files back onto the website. Their goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books.

Download some titles on a donated iPod and check it out with a list of where they can access the public domain eBooks online (Google Books, Project Gutenberg, etc).  Here's the link for Pride and Prejudice.

eBooks for Kindle, iPad, Nook and other eReaders

eBooks are making their way into the classroom and school library and are another great way to promote Young Adult Literature.  If you are not sure how you would go about using eReaders in your library you should check out the eBook Educators Group at or blog posts by Buffy J. Hamilton or Jennifer La Garde.

Carolyn Foote has a great blog post about iPad apps for Libraries and readers at

Google Lit Trips

Map out literary journeys by creating a Google Lit Trip.  A Lit Trip involves embedding images, video and/or text into a custom map using Google Earth.  Download the *.kmz files from the site for your favorite YA novel.  What a great way to entice the adventurous type readers in your library.

Here's a map showing Ginny's European adventure from 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson.  Idea from Books Are Wonderful blog.

Destiny Quest
Librarian Tiff is using the social features of Destiny Quest so students can interact with their classmates and share what they’re reading.

Debbie Alvarez, Library Media Specialist, Ridgewood Elementary School
1. Google Doc creations in presentation mode on favorite books with a group entry shared slideshow.
2. Webpage with favorite book trailers ready with one click.
3. Podcasts for students to review from favorite authors. Plus students create podcasts of their favorite author information.
4. Connection with authors through their webpages - example: Tom Angleberger- Origami Yoda.

Alexis Jasek, Junior High Reading and Math Teacher, St. Philip School, El Campo, TX

Students are required to make a book commercial for their favorite book read while in Sixth grade. First students storyboard their commercial including character descriptions, voice, theme, conflict and other literary elements. Students may choose any technology format but most choose xranormal, prezi, or animoto.