User's Guide

OpenSocial Pages is business CMS for Google Apps having the social features of OpenSocial. You can develop the social gadget on Google Apps to collaborate with your colleagues at work.

  • Integrated with Users and Groups as OpenSocial API
  • Access your social gadget even from mobile devices
  • Update your colleagues on what you are doing

Click the Google Apps button to add OpenSocial Pages and try it out.



  • Restricted to the following Google Apps domain

Control Panel

  • User Settings
  • Group Settings
  • Gadget Settings
  • Proxy Settings

Gadget Editor

  • Online Gadget XML Editor

Cross Domain Proxy

  • Anonymous Proxy
  • Basic Auth Proxy
  • WSSE Auth Proxy
  • 2-Legged OAuth Proxy
  • Zoho CRM Proxy (Only Business Edition)

Useful Gadgets

OpenSocial 1.0

OpenSocial Pages supports the following OpenSocial Specification 1.0.