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Join Storm Robotics

Every year the Storm Robotics Team looks to recruit the highly talented students of Lenape and Cherokee High School.  Students do not need to have any prior experience in engineering, robotics, business, or marketing to join the team.  We only ask that they join with an open mind, bring their best work ethic, and are able to bring their own enthusiasm while working as a part of a team.  

To join, simply complete the following steps noting that you need the following items considered prior to completing the form:
  1. Incoming freshman, please provide an email address you check over the summer months.  We will use your LRHSD email address once school has started.
  2. Be ready to provide an email address or addresses for your parents so that they can be added to our contact list.
  3. Be ready to provide the name and email address of an individual who can serve as your reference for joining.
  4. The $200 activity fee must be paid prior to our second meeting in September 2014.  This fee goes directly to your school and is not collected by the team.
Forms and Applications: