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Seasons and Robots

2012 Season, "Ring It Up!"

Summary:  The students built their most advanced robot to date, a sign that the team begun to mature and use previously learned strategies towards designing a successful robot.  This year's robot was designed to pick rings up from the loading rack and score them on the first two rows of the rack.  The robot also used a ramp to allow robots to earn bonus points by driving on top of our robot.  

  • Fall Harvest Qualifier:  Motivate Award, Connect Award Finalist
  • Snow Day Showdown Qualifier:  Motivate Award
  • Moorestown Friends School Meet:  Participant

2011 Season, "Bowled Over!"

Summary:  In the team's second year, they decided to take a little more risk in designing a competitive robot.  The game called for robots to sweep the floor of racket balls and deposit them into stackable containers located on the field.  The team decided to design a robot that would pick up a container and travel around the field with a running belt to sweep the racket balls into the container.  The team also designed the robot to be able to push the bowling ball around the field and up the ramp for bonus points.

  • Fall Harvest Qualifier:  Participant
  • New Jersey FTC State Championship Participant

Year:  2010, "Get Over It!"

Summary:  In their founding season, the team competed in the Moorestown Friends School Qualifier and learned a lot about how to build a basic robot in FTC.  The team constructed a 4 wheel drive robot that was designed to collect batons from the dispenser and deliver them to mobile and stationary goals on the field.  The team was also capable of balancing the robot on the bridge for bonus points at the end of the match.