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STORM Outreach

The Storm Robotics Team strives to move the mission of FIRST to its students and community through a wide variety of outreach events.  The team has been a regular participant in community since its inception and has left a long lasting impact on the people we interact with.  

In ​2013:

  • February- Boy Scouts Demo of robot before the end of build-season
  • February- Reveal the Robot Day to community
  • March- Family Science Night
  • May- Roadside Cleanup
  • May- South Jersey Radio Club Demonstration
  • June - Demonstration at NAVAIR
  • July - Marlton 4th of July Parade
  • July - Roadside Cleanup
  • July - Hosted NJ FTC Outreach Event "Medford Moat"
  • October - Roadside Cleanup
  • October - Cherokee Safe Trick or Treat

In ​2012:

  • January through February- collecting water bottle caps for Go Green
  • February- National Engineers Week Demonstration at Lockheed Martin
  • April- Lenape HS Community Science Night
  • April- Marlton HAM Radio Presentation
  • May- Robot Demonstration at CHS Technology Honors Society for attending children
  • July- Marlton 4th of July Parade
  • 3 Roadside Cleanups throughout the school year.
  • September- Lockheed Martin Family Day demonstration
  • October- Women in Engineering Day
  • November- NJ FTC Qualifying Tournament Host, "Fall Harvest Qualifier"

In 2011​:

  • March- LRHSD Alumni Night
  • April- Marlton HAM Radio Presentation
  • April- Lenape HS Community Science Night
  • June- Roadside Cleanup
  • July- Marlton 4th of July Parade
  • July- NJ FTC Outreach Event Host, "Marlton Maze"
  • November- NJ FTC Qualifying Tournament Host, "Fall Harvest Qualifier"
  • October - NJ School Boards Association Convention Demonstration

​​In 2010:

  • May- Marlton Greenfest at Promenade
  • August- Brave Beckham demo at Larc School

​In 2009:

  • April- Pantry Food Drive for a Marlton Food Pantry
  •  April- Careers in Science demo at BBC
  • September- BBC Robotics demonstration at Science Saturday
Fall Harvest Qualifer
The Storm Robotics Team has hosted a FTC Qualifier since the 2011 at Cherokee High School.  18-24 teams from around our region come to Cherokee in hopes of advancing through to the NJ FTC State Championship.  While our FTC team participates, members of FRC serve as event volunteers in a wide variety of roles to support the event.  

Marlton 4th of July Parade
The team has participated in this event since its inception and is one of our favorite.  For this one, we march up main street Marlton with our robot and a decorated car as members interact with the crowd.  The robot is always the main attraction as it usually tosses game pieces and waves a flag for the thousands on hand to celebrate our nation's birthday.  

Roadside Cleanups
Storm is always looking for ways to support a cleaner planet and one of the easiest ways to do this is to just clean it up!  Since 2010, the team has participated in 3 roadside cleanups a year.  

Robot Demonstrations and Outreach
Promoting interests in areas of science is one of the main interests and goals of our team.  Over the last 3 years, the team has participated in demos where we allow kids and adults to drive our robot at a wide variety of events.  The image above was taken at Lenape Family Science Night.  The team also visits the South Jersey HAM Radio Club, Lockheed Martin, and other events where the community can see and play with our work.