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Grading & Extra Credit

Grading in Engineering Design is based on a percentage system with weighted categories. All of the grades in each category will be averaged together evenly and then weighted appropriately. The category weights are listed below:
 Percentage Description
 45%Final Projects & Tests 
 30% Small Projects, Advanced Project Preparation & Quizzes
 15% Classwork & Simple Project Preparation
 10% Participation & Initiative

Examples of Categories

  • Project Final Cuts and Tests - final grade on "Reverse Assembly” project; test on Project Management
  • Small Projects, Advanced Project Prep. and Quizzes - editing drawing exercise; written reflection about an article; quiz on the Engineering Design Process
  • Classwork and Simple Project Preparation - response to questions about an article or lesson; list of 15 ideas for Fall themed 3D printed design
  • Participation and Initiative - students are observed by me when they are working independently or in groups – if they are not using their time appropriately, they will lose points in this category

Check Grading

Some assignments will be graded using a check system. Each type of check mark is worth a percentage of the points assigned to that assignment.

  • √++ 100%
  • √+ 90%
  • √ 80%
  • √- 70%
  • √- - 60%

Earning Extra Credit

No Extra Credit will be given.