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Syllabus & Curriculum

Architectural Design Syllabus & Curriculum
Architectural Design allows you a chance to learn the concepts of architectural drafting and design. A wide range of topics will be covered throughout the year including green architecture, home styles, interior design, room planning, standard design practices, drawing types, construction techniques and framing practices. You will have a chance to demonstrate your knowledge with numerous architectural design problems. You will create a full set of house plans along with architectural models to simulate home construction. Creativity, visualization, and problem solving skills will be emphasized.

Prerequisite: Drafting and Design I and II. (Offered as BCC CAP Course)​

Projects and Content

Students will spend time reviewing AutoCAD through creation of a personal logo design. This drawing will assist students in reviewing CAD, which will be utilized throughout the course.

You have been hired by a young couple who is looking to purchase their first home. As their realtor, you must find relevant architectural styles for their area using various criteria.

Cabin in The Woods (Architectural Terminology, Concepts and Skills)
Rock Architecture is looking to hire enthusiastic and talented new hires for their team. They request that you create an architectural floor plan and model of a possible custom Cabin design that could be used by the builders and designers. Your first task is to utilize CAD to create a detailed scaled floor plan drawing (using correct terminology and symbols) that includes walls, doors, fixtures and furniture. The second task is to create a scaled model to represent your Cabin design along with a flyer advertising the features. You will then present the plan to the company that includes explanation of the purposes for each component of your design.

'Foreign Factors' Design (Introduction to Architecture)
You are the lead architect for a local firm who was hired by a client in a foreign country. The client would like to replicate their house in their home country here in Burlington County. Research that geographic location, climate, available building materials and existing styles to develop and make a presentation that includes design concerns that would need to be considered as well as the differences in construction from building the structure in Burlington County, NJ. The following tasks must be completed: Task #1 Utilize the internet to research a given area for climate and available resources. Task #2 Utilize the internet to research existing architectural styles in the given area. Task #3 Compare and contrast design concerns, including those of allied careers needed to complete the project, between the given area and Burlington County, NJ. Task #4 Develop a presentation that illustrates design concerns for the given area and Burlington County, NJ and how your design solves those concerns. The presentation must include an explanation of which allied professions you would select to complete the project. Task #5 Present the information utilizing available technology. 

LEEDing the Way (Green Building and Design)
You are an architectural energy consultant with a Burlington County firm that specializes in energy efficient construction and renovation. You have been assigned to a client who wants their home analyzed for energy waste and wants a proposal for innovative ideas for renovation that would improve energy efficiency. It also should include the feasibility of the addition of a sustainable “green” energy source. You must submit your proposal that includes your rational to each component of the project (specifically how it creates improves energy efficiency), for review to your boss

Framed? (Home Structures, Foundation, and Framing)
You are an architect with a local firm. You are approached by a client who is remodeling an existing two story structure. They have a sketch of a wall that they would like to add. Using that sketch, you are contracted to create a CAD generated wall section drawing and present your finished drawing to the client explaining the key structural components indicated your drawing that will be required (based on common building practices) to complete the project.

Form and Function (Interior Planning and Design)
You are an architect with a local firm. A client wishing to build a new home comes to you requesting that you create a dimensioned floor plan drawing that includes specific required elements of the client and that best utilizes all available space. Once the floor plan drawing is complete,present the drawing to the client and justify your drawing by explaining how your floor plan allows for the “form” that your client has requested while also maximizes the “function” and livability of the structure.

Elevated Design (Common Architectural Plans)
You are part of an architectural design team with Maier Enterprises. You are given the responsibility of taking an existing floor plan that another member of your team has drawn and create electrical, elevation and plot plans for a house that will be designed from those plans. You must present your completed plans to the design team and explain the purpose of the technical components of each plan.

End of the Year Project: TBD

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