TV1 Class Expectations

While the TV Broadcasting classes are meant to be fun and though they are certainly different from most of your other classes, it is important to understand that YOU ARE HERE TO LEARN. We keep building upon skills and content learned early in the year, so simply writing off a certain unit that you “didn’t get” will lead to trouble later in the year. You also will be working with expensive equipment that is shared with 7 other classes each day. Failure to treat this equipment responsibly could affect many other students. 

These three simple expectations will help make your experience in Television Broadcasting Technology one that you will not forget. 

1. Respect Your Class

In order to communicate, you need to actually interact with other people. This class is very interactive – don’t expect to be sitting in one place the entire class period. You will forge a strong bond with your classmates because you will be working together with them nearly every day. Showing respect to your class means that each student is afforded the same opportunity to get the full experience of TV Broadcasting Technology. 

Not everyone is comfortable on camera, or behind the camera for that matter. Helping each other to feel comfortable in sharing ideas and reviewing work will allow the entire class to learn. Disruptions in class or disrespect to the teacher are other ways that you are showing disrespect to your classmates. To put it simply – act the way that you would expect your classmates to act. 

2. Respect the Equipment

We are very fortunate to have high quality equipment and facilities at our disposal. You will get to work on your own iMac, you will use professional high definition cameras and audio equipment, and you will work in a studio with the same lights, computers, and control boards that are used in the television industry. 

It is expected that you will be responsible when handling all of this equipment. All rules regarding food and drink should be followed. Equipment should be handled carefully and put away properly. If you don’t know how to operate something properly – just ask! 

Remember, 7 other classes, the Lenape TV club and the Lenape Live production crew all are sharing the facilities and equipment. If we lose something, the entire program is affected. 

3. Respect Yourself

The third expectation focuses on you. You will only get out of this class what you decide to put into it. Successful students have listened to directions and met deadlines accordingly. Those who have done poorly have done so because they either did not follow directions or did not meet deadlines. Come to class with a positive attitude and allow yourself to fully experience what this class has to offer.