Lenape HS Staff Training for PARCC

PARCC Training Website - http://trng.pearsonaccessnext.com/


PARCC Refresher for Lenape HS Staff April 2015


More Detailed PARCC Test Administrator Training Video (from Feb in-service)

LHS PARCC Training for Staff

PARCC Training for Test Administrators - Directions
(this is also attached at the bottom of this page and the presentation at Faculty Meeting is also attached at the bottom of the page)

PARCC Test Administrator Training on PearsonAccess - Spring 2015


Pearson Access Website - Go to the PARCC Training at:

Username and password - Sign into the training site with the username and password

  • Will be provided by the district for the training and will be in the session folder for the test

  • Session name will be the same as the username for that session

To navigate to your test session

  1. Sign in & click on the testing period dropdown to verify you are at PARCC Op Spring PBA


  1. Go to Students in Sessionimg3.png

    1. Go to TESTING icon (middle)

    2. Click on “Select an action”

    3. Click on “Students in session”

  1. Find your Session Name - VERIFY THAT YOUR SESSION NAME matches the top of your seal code page (*NOTE: Session Name is the same as the username*)

  2. Add your session to the Session List

    1. Type your session name in SESSION LIST box (left side of page)

    2. Press ENTER when done typing session name - VERIFY THAT THE SESSION NAME matches your seal code page


  1. Adjust the session display - Change the number of students “DISPLAYING” to 50

Test Session

  • Each test session will be started by the district   

  • Each test session will be stopped by the district


  • There are limited items that you as test administrator may need to do during the test


DURING TEST SESSION - Tasks on the Computer

  • RESUME STUDENT TESTS - When a student exits a unit session for any reason, you must resume their test

    • Start the Task

      • Go to SELECT TASKS (top of page)


      • Click START


    • Select Students and Resume

      • Select ONLY the student or students that need to be resumed

      • After selecting the student(s):

        • Click RESUME (bottom of page)

        • Click EXIT TASK button (top right corner)

        • Student will log in with the same codes as initially for that unit session

  • Monitor Student Progress by clicking REFRESH (blue button) - you can see student progress on the session screen - click on the blue REFRESH button at the top of the screen to refresh the page and click on STATUS to see student progress

  • Note any Irregularities in Testing - List any issues that arise or any irregularities in testing session; for example, if a student leaves for any reason, note where the test stopped and the time

  • Problem?  What do I do?? - Sheets will be provided with possible issues and who to contact or how to solve (directions for resolving issue, when to call Testing Coordinator and when to contact Tech)

Important items to remember

  • Follow all procedures as outlined in the manual for test security

  • Read the script as indicated in the Test Administrator Manual

  • SECURE MATERIALS must be returned: these include scratch paper, reference sheets and Student ID forms

  • CHAIN OF CUSTODY FORM must be completed for each unit by every Test Administrator

  • Terms

    • Student Authorization code - unique student login ID

    • Student Authorization code password is not case sensitive

    • Seal Code - similar to paper-based tests’ adhesive tabs; students must enter a new seal code for each unit of the test

    • Do NOT give out seal codes for the next unit early  

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