Welcome to the senior English resources page. Please be sure to help me by letting me know when the page hasn't what it ought: your feedback will be helpful in making this page something beneficial to your education. 

What's Important? 
  • Your syllabus, the rules for writing (including my editorial markings), and your reading list can always be accessed here.
  • On occasion, I will add a reading from outside our Norton Anthology. You will find that reading under Additional Readings. 
  • If we have need of cyber assignments, I'll post them here.
What's this Introductions thing?
To the left under Introductions you will find four historical introductions that may help to fill in some gaps from your Norton introductions. Unless otherwise stated in class, these are supplemental only. I will not quiz you over these supplemental introductions, although some material will, of course, also appear in your Norton introductions and in our class discussion. Be advised that the historical introductions are PDFs that you can read via the browser or choose to download.