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Cavs Sweeping the Pacers

by Noah Elias

BAAM!! Cleveland with a SWEEP! Last week’s playoffs the Cavs Swept the Pacers 4-0! The Cavs wanted to DEFEND the LAND. LeBron James with an amazing triple-double with 41 points, 12 assists, and last but not least 13 rebounds. Triple-double is no competition to LeBron James, it is just too easy!

For this final issue of the year, I will be talking about the playoffs between the Cavs and the Pacers. It was a really great game between the two teams, they both were really great teams. The Cavs beat the Pacers 4-0. The game was a very intense game, the scores were pretty close. They had one game where the scores was so close it had the crowd going crazy. It showed how good both of the teams were.

Cleveland this year has been doing great, they have some new guys on the team but it doesn’t change anything, but the fact that they are getting even better and better. They have new guys out on court, it takes time for them to get on track but it isn’t hard to get on track. Cleveland is a perfect team and it’s an easy team to get along with the teammates. They’re all about playing with fun, playing with their teammates, play as a teamwork. The Cleveland has always been a great team since LeBron's first year in Cleveland.

The Pacers weren’t doing as great, they were 42-40 on the Eastern Conference. They made it to the finals so they did great but I thought that they just didn’t have that much of great players on the team. They had Paul George but that’s basically the only person that leads the team. But one person wasn’t enough to stop LeBron and his team. We’ll see if the team will improve again next season as they draft or trade for different players. From what I think, the team needs a little bit more help with the defense, because that’s one thing they haven’t been doing great with this season. That’s what led them to a 42-40.

The Cavaliers will be coming out stronger next year if the team stays where it is, but according to LeBron and his friend Carmelo Anthony. Anthony may or may not be joining the Cavs. If he does join the Cavs, he’ll help the team with him and LeBron together on the same court. That’s going to be a bad for the opponents! If things stays where it is such as no injuries, they have a really good chance of winning the Championship again! The Pacers from my point of view, I don’t think they’ll make it to the finals unless they make a good move when they’re trading. I believe with a little help, they might at least make it to the finals or the playoffs. They could need a little help with their offense to be more intense. They need more intense players on their team.