Origin of the Sports by Jadon Beck
It’s that time of year again where we can watch our favorite winter sports. Now that the 2018 Winter Olympics has started we get to see all the different types of activities. Some sports are not heard of that often and people don’t know what it is or how it came to be. Some of these sports include Biathlon, Nordic Combined, and Bobsleigh. Read More

Spear Fishing by Levi Doll
Spearing a monster pike has always been a goal of mine. The feeling of that spear in your hand and the little tug the fish gives when you pull it up can’t be matched by ice fishing. It’s like a mix of hunting and fishing and is almost addictive. Read More

The NFL “catch rule” has been a problem in the league in the past, but has been very relevant this year. There have been many complaints throughout the league with both fans and players. Most in an outcry that the rule needs to be changed. Read More

Between a Rock and a Lineman by Matthew Herman
We have all heard about retired NFL players passing away recently, and now they are becoming more frequent. The main reason is because of players being hit in head with a lot of force repetitively thus causing them to have a concussions. Read More

Rodeo by Cooper Schmidt
Rodeo is a sport that is not nearly as widely known as most more mainstream sports such as basketball, football, and baseball. Although it isn’t as well known, it has some similarities to other popular sports. Read More

Athlete Dropout in Sports by Sydney Weber
Throughout high school we hear more and more about young athletes dropping out of sports. The programs are finding it harder each year to get kids to come back out so that they have the right amount to keep them running. Read More