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Polaris’ Plunge

by Josh Arnold

The ATV and Snowmobile maker has recently been catching fire. I mean that literally because there has been many recalls for fire and burn hazards. This is a big hit to the company which could be said to be the leader of the ATV market. Polaris ATV’s have been known to be great machines and worth your money.

The recall has affected many vehicles in the Polaris lineup. The machines affected are the Ranger, Sportsman, RZR, and Indian Motorcycle. The most frequent problem is a fire and burn hazard. This problem has affected the Ranger, Sportsman, and the RZR. There is a defect in a side panel heat shield melting, and also exhaust springs stretch and damage the exhaust seal causing an exhaust leak. The Polaris Sportsman has also faced another defect. This being a malfunction in the electronic power steering unit. The defect poses a crash hazard from losing your power steering. The last recall deals with the Indian Motorcycle. The problem here is misplaced fuel rails contacting other parts and causing a fuel leak.

Polaris is not the only company to face recalls but they have experienced it the worst. Suski recently had a recall on it’s KingQuad ATV for a problem with its battery. There have been 269 fires in Polaris vehicles. These fires have resulted in 933,700 recalls in a variety of vehicles. This would have to worry you if you have a Polaris vehicle or were thinking about buying one. Another company that comes to mind when you think of recalls in the automotive region is Toyota. Toyota has had a few well known recalls recently being the brake failures and the air bags malfunctions. These recalls caused a hit to the image of Toyota but the company is still doing fine. It would be great to see Polaris come out of these recalls, get back to its old self, and strive in the ATV market like it has before.