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Executive Orders

by David Sandoval

Many people thought that Hillary Clinton was going to be the new President, but when they announced that Trump had won a numerous amount of people were outraged. A number of people were outraged because of Trump had promised would do if he won. These executives orders are some that he had promised he would do.

President Trump has passed multiple executive orders and there are two that involve with refugees or immigrants. President Trump keeps enforcing orders that deal with bans from other countries. Trump wants to make the border wall bigger and longer on the Mexican/American border. Trump has realized that he is not sure where he will get the funds for the construction of the wall but he is determined on building it. The wall will do a lot of huge impacts towards our economy and mexico’s.

The first problem it would cause is that the trades we have with mexico would end. The second is that the construction of the wall will offer a lot of jobs, so for us it will be Another problem is that with the construction of the wall there's going to be a lot of space available, and some land where it would go it is privately owned, which could cause a huge problem. Trump has banned many races from other countries to not enter our country. Trump is afraid that with all of the bombing it could be a problem here, and he doesn’t wanna take the risk. Trump thinks that with these executive orders he’s making he could make the U.S. safer.

Trump thinks since he passed an executive order on better infrastructure, that it will better our nation. The president said that if more infrastructure is happening that more jobs would be opening up which would lead to increase in wages for americans. It would also reduce the costs of goods for the consumers. Trump has asked for when new buildings are getting built, he wants the head boss of the construction to coordinate a deadline of the building. Trump want’s to make sure that no one gets hurt, and that everything gets done quick.

Trump said that inner cities are violating federal laws by holding immigrants that stay too long. He saids that immigrants that stay too long are violating the visa agreement, and also because of the countries that they belong to don’t wanna take them back. The federal law is to make sure that when the aliens visa’s end to make sure they get sent back, but since that commonly doesn’t happen Trump has to enforce more police officers to look into inner cities.

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