Some are calling the recent trade conflict between the United States and Canada the “fight over lumberjacks and dairy farmers”, but this conflict could amount to more than a silly squabble.

WE’RE LATE WE’RE LATE FOR A VERY IMPORTANT DATE!!! Farmers are late to bite the bullet on planting this year. Read More

Polaris’ Plunge by Josh Arnold
The ATV and Snowmobile maker has recently been catching fire. I mean that literally because there has been many recalls for fire and burn hazards. This is a big hit to the company which could be said to be the leader of the ATV market. Polaris ATV’s have been known to be great machines and worth your money. Read More

Executive Orders by David Sandoval
Many people thought that Hillary Clinton was going to be the new President, but when they announced that Trump had won a numerous amount of people were outraged. A number of people were outraged because of Trump had promised would do if he won. These executives orders are some that he had promised he would do. Read More