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Nicole Wins Big Brother 18

by Brittany Welling

Big Brother is a reality tv show. It consist of competitions, alliances and romances. The goal of the game show is to win five-hundred thousand dollars. It is a group of people living together in a house with high-definition cameras and microphones that record every move or word twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Big Brother is on every Sunday, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the season.

Some competitions are HoH (Head of Household) which is live on Thursday nights. The winner gets power of the house for the following week. It has the responsibility of nominating two houseguests for eviction. A bonus of being HoH is having your own bedroom  with a basket filled with stuff sent from your family including a letter from them. The PoV (Power of Veto) is the two nominees,  head of household, and six other houseguests chosen from a bag to compete and whoever wins can keep the nominations the same or take one down and then the head of household has to pick a new nominee. The Battle of the Block is the head of household nominates a total of four nominees and they pair up and battle to win to get themselves off the block.

There are sixteen houseguest to start the game. Eight girls and eight boys. They have no clue who they will be living  with until each of them walk through the door. Some don’t get along and some for alliances to get through the game, and some even end up together on the show.

During the game the houseguest try to form alliances. Alliances are group of people that are trying to get out another group of people. They form with the people that will get them closer to the jackpot, but also the ones that wants to becomes friends and who wants to use the information you get. There is also showmances which help some people. There were two in big brother eighteen. Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks and Natalie Negrotti and James Huling.

In season eighteen was a very intense season. It was very stressful at certain points of the game, especially when you get put on the block and still on it Thursday. It is important to win competitions when it is most important for your game.

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