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Deep Water Horizon

by Logan Tosel

Oil is a very critical part in our lives. People don’t really know the dangers of how we get are oil and the risks people put themselves in during the process. Deep Water Horizon is a story about the biggest oil spill to ever happen in North America. The movie shows us why it happened and how it happened.

Located on the SouthEast coast of Louisiana was where the disaster happened. Tuesday April 20, 2010 Deep Water Horizon was drilling at approximately 5000 feet below the ocean floor. All throughout the day there had been signs that disaster was coming. The only thing that kept the crew from preventing these disasters was a pressure test that showed numbers that didn’t seem very worrisome. Bp executives figured the numbers don’t lie, so keep drilling.

Well turns out the numbers did lie. The concrete cap that was sealing the well was not inspected that day. Crew members had no clue what was going on underneath their feet. Suddenly the cap exploded off the well and oil started gushing out. The pressure was so intense that it blew holes through the well rig. Which eventually caused the rig to catch fire.

The oil kept feeding the fire and it kept getting hotter and hotter. The crew tried as many things as possible to snuff the fire out but nothing worked. The oil just kept coming and the crew had to find a way off the oil rig. They only had so many life boats that were still usable. So they had as many people as they could use them but it wasn’t enough to get everyone off the rig. Many people jumped. One man named Mike Williams had said he jumped 11 stories over the fire. It was his only option of survival.

Bp’s oil spill was the worst this country has ever seen. 11 people were killed in this tragedy. 17 others were injured. The spill lasted 87 days after the rig had exploded. Over 200,000,000 gallons of oil was pumped into the Gulf of Mexico. This disaster was a learning experience and it’s something we can never let happen again.