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Beauty And The Beast

by Kassidee Streich

Emma watson was contacted but hasn't responded yet to my request to the questions of did she like being in the new movie of Beauty And The Beast, and how she liked singing in the movie, did she like the characters in the movie, and were there anyone that were just rude the whole time behind sense.

I watched both the old and new movie of the Beauty and the Beast. In my opinion I like them both because the newest one, makes things seem so real, like the beast and the costume he was wearing and the talking furniture.

I asked three others about which one they liked more, the old or the new. One said she preferred the old one because all the old movies are always better, and have more charter in it, and I like both because the new one seems so real that it makes you want to believe that it was true, but it’s really not, but it has so much detail and everything, and some humor.

Then another person said he liked the new one because it's easier to follow and seems more realistic and easy to get involved with, and it's a good idea they made a new one because it was easy money for them and it was just as good as the old one just more realistic.

I also looked up how others felt about the movie and if they liked it or not. Some people didn’t like the idea of them making a new movie of the old one. One person said “Disney has ripped a jewel out of its casing and set it in something far more elaborate; the effect is garish rather than nostalgic, frustrating rather than memorable”. Others had good things to say about the movie “Generations have grown up with the classic Disney animations and this revamp sticks loyally to its predecessor whilst also offering a touch more substance. It isn't the film of the month or year but it's cute enough to be highly enjoyable!”.

There were small details that there was some differences in the movie, like when a petal falls the building starts to fall apart, and the tea cut, he is an only child in the new movie, and some song lyrics in “Gaston” some was changed when he was singing. Then there was a reason for the Beast having bad behavior, then they took a trip to paris from a magical book that took them back to when her mother was very sick with polio, and didn't want belle to get sick.

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