Surviving Anxiety by Mckenzie Giese
Seeing unwanted, unrealistic images that upset us, feeling unprompted worries. Indulged into these thoughts while it manifests each of our lives. We think to ourselves, am I good enough? What if I’m not? What if that group of people over there are talking about me? Laughing at me? What could they be saying about me? What if I’m not doing the right thing? Did they lose interest in me? I won’t be able to get into college. What if I’m not smart enough. I’m going to do horrible on this test. What if I’m not who I’m supposed to be? Read More

Beauty And The Beast by Kassidee Streich
I watched both the old and new movie of the Beauty and the Beast. In my opinion I like them both because the newest one, makes things seem so real, like the beast and the costume he was wearing and the talking furniture. Read More