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by Luke Meyer

From the time he wakes up his mind will immediately start running. “Where am I at? Did I sleep in? What time did I fall asleep at?” Somehow through all the thinking he manages to get himself out of bed to get dressed “Maybe I’ll wear something fun and flirty. No cause then that girl I work with will call me out on it. Maybe something boring like this? No the boss will think I’m kissing up, besides when do I even wear clothes like this? Why is this even in my closet? Maybe I should get rid of most of these? What if I need them someday? What if someone passes away? Oh no, did someone pass away? Don’t be idiotic if they did someone would call. Why am I here again?” After finally getting dressed it’s on to breakfast, if he even has time. “Okay let’s see. Can I make eggs? No, it’s too late to do that, besides what if my house catches on fire? Man breakfast is dangerous. Should I have Cereal? I don’t really want a cold breakfast. I’ll just take a poptart and go.” Thinking in the car is the worst for him because sometimes he will think of something else too much and he will forget that he is in the car. “I got like 20 mins to get to work, man I hope there’s no traffic. Hey, my little old lady neighbor, she’s so sweet I wonder if she would give me the recipe for her muffins. I probably shouldn’t ask. I should invite her over for dinner sometime, and her husband too. I want a marriage like that someday. Oh no, is that honking towards me? Sorry, I didn’t even see them there. I wonder if I ran past any stop signs without stopping. Can I get sent to jail for this? Awe man I can’t go to jail I wouldn’t last a minute. What am I thinking, I should really be paying attention to the road. FOCUS ON THE ROAD! Oh hey there’s my job.” Finally he arrives at work. “I made it. Oh it’s that girl, what if she saw me? Hey it’s the boss, Just smile. Now to my office. Did I do the paperwork he needed? What if I didn’t? Could I hide in the bathroom and pretend I’m sick? Oh maybe I could commit a crime and then go to jail. Oh wait I have the papers here. I’m safe for today!” Now he’s finally home, time for dinner and then bed. “Alright maybe today I’d skip dinner? Oh hey there’s the little old lady. Wow, did she make me dinner? I need to make her something in return. Dinner tomorrow my place. Okay time to eat this. What if she poisoned this? No, she wouldn’t do that, besides I already ate half of it.” Now it is time for him to go to bed. “I feel sick, no wait I don’t. I don’t know what I feel she probably poisoned it and I’ll die in my sleep. Actually that might be good. No, No dying! I have no time for that! But sleep sounds good right now.”