Creative Writing

California Adventures by Gaven Brouwer
Eminem is my all time favorite artist. I've been listening to him for years. I started by listening to his songs when I would mow the lawn. Then it was just while I was doing random things around the house. When I finally got a car that was the only music I played It has been one of my  dreams to go see Eminem.

Today was just an ordinary day for Skylar. A brunette long haired girl, with bright brown eyes. She woke up in panic mode thinking it was later than what she really thought. She looked at the clock, only 5:45 a.m. She rolled over and went back to bed. As she finally woke up for her big day, the day she graduates high school. Read More

Lac Qui Parle Baseball by Wyatt Halvorson
The Lac qui parle baseball team as well as other high school teams across the upper midwest have struggled with scheduling due to a very late winter. The Snow Storms the plagued the state have had no benefit to local teams as schedules and games are two to three weeks behind. Read More

Waves short story by Haley Redepenning
There I was, in this quiet, dark room with tears streaming down my face yet again. They tell me to leave, that I can be in a foster home but, Im scared. Every girlfriend he has ever had, has left him, and I can’t let him die alone. What if his diabetes acts up again? Who’s going to stay and help him? I mean, he’s not always mean to me, just when I deserve it. But why do I deserve it? Read More

My Dream by Resleen Shotaro
One cold afternoon I was walking down my home town street. Walking down the street, I had been looking around while I was walking. I had looked around me just wondering how God created a beautiful world.

My Moving Experience by Abby Schmidt
Moving is something that many people have to do during their lifetime. Some people move more than others. I have moved four times in my life, three that I can remember. The first time that I remember, I was four years old. Read More