Welcome to YMS!!

Our school population consists of over 730  students in grades 6-8. 
We are proud to be part of a growing and vibrant community!


 Please click here to complete a brief survey reagrding home addresses and transportation information. We will use this to update our student database system and hopefully eliminate TEAM assignment confusion for the start of the school year.

7.21.20 Residence Survey for all 20-21 Dragon Families


 If you are new to the Youngsville area and need to register your child at YMS, we are encouraging parents to use online registration at this time. Please use the link below.


**If your child attended Ernest Gallet or G.T.L, you DO NOT have to register your child, they will automatically be rolled over to YMS.**

Our counselors will be on campus for registration

 appointments Friday, July 24 from 9am-2pm. 

 At this time, campus access is by appointment only.

 Call 521-7940 for an appointment or reach out via email: hfmiller@lpssonline.com or crsawyer@lpssonline.com

2020-2021 Scheduling Information:
Current YMS students can view their scheduling forms through their current student services grade level classroom or their current #digiLEAD classroom.

Incoming 6th graders from a LPSS school will follow the guidance below:
Since we are not currently oncampus, sending scheduling information is in the
 "YMS Middle School Class of 2023 - School Counseling Classroom".  
This classroom can only be accessed using the student's LPSS Google account. 
  1. Have the student login to their Clever account.
  2. Click on the Google Classroom app.
  3. Click on the + symbol at the top right hand corner of the screen (Join class).
  4. Enter the following class code:  fgt6lpt
  5. Press "Join" button to finalize.       
Families will need to view the scheduling presentation prior to 
completing/submitting their scheduling requests via the Google Form. 

New registrants in grades 6-8 will receive scheduling information directly from the student services staff upon registration.

Click here for links and updates to LPSS District Resources

Click here to get started: Google Email Survey

LPSS has enabled our Renaissance Place platform to allow students to take AR tests from home, if they wish.  AR testing will be strictly voluntary, and will not play any part in grade calculations. We have adjusted AR dates so that the 3rd quarter ends on March 13. Since we cannot ensure that an AR test taken at home was administered securely, AR tests taken at home will not be part of the calculation to determine whether or not students meet AR goals or achieve million word status.  When we know how long schools will be shut down, we will provide guidance to you on how to adjust these calculations to take into account the shortened school year. Please be advised that tests taken during this interim time period can not be deleted for any reason.  Also, please remember that while public libraries are closed, anyone with a library card can access the public library’s digital resources.

Students will be able to take AR tests from home between March 18th and the end of our social distancing period. They can access the Renaissance platform by using this link:  https://hosted80.renlearn.com/209196

From there, students use the program just like they do at school.  Parents can monitor students’ progress by using Home Connect. Access directions HERE.If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Take care of yourselves and happy reading, 

Randy and Catherine

link to YMS online store still available

Visit the PROACTIVE PLANNER link above for campus event announcements and updates. 

Family proof of residency documents are needed for each student enrolled at YMS.
For families with multiple students, a copy must be submitted for each child.
Please contact our student services department if you have any questions.
Any student file without a valid proof of residency attached will be submitted to the Child Welfare and Attendance office and withdrawn from YMS to allow enrollment in their zone school.

As we look toward the future, the members of the Youngsville Middle School family are: 
Dedicated to working together to better ourselves and the people around us 
Responsible for our actions and the choices that we make 
Achieving to the best of our ability and willing to do what is necessary to succeed 
Giving back to our community and working to become better citizens
Open to new ideas and willing to accept people’s differences
Never going to give up on ourselves and will maintain a positive attitude
Striving to be the best that we can be

Passion for Learning
Commitment to Growth
Dedication to the Future

YMS Dragons are on F.I.R.E.
Each and every day as we:
Focus on       
Respect, and 

Congratulations to Ms. Meta Stoven for being named 2019-2020 Support Personnel of the Year!

Congratulations to Ms. Erin Ortego for being named 2019-2020 YMS teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Ms. Katie Courville for being named a 2019 LEF teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Ms. Stacie Gremillion for being named 2020-2021 YMS teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Ms. Wendy Geary for being named 2020-2021 Support Personnel of the Year!