What is telemedicine?
The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of tele-communications technology.  Your student can be seen by Dr. Wilson at Carencro Middle while remaining at school through special equipment.  There will be live interaction that allows her to hear heart and lung sounds and view ears, throat, and skin.

Students zoned for or enrolled in one of the following schools are eligible for services:
  • Carencro Heights
  • Carencro High School
  • Carencro Middle School
  • Live Oak Elementary
  • Ossun Elementary
  • Southside High
**a completed enrollment packet is required**

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Carencro School-Based Health Center to provide access to quality physical and mental health care to enhance academic achievement by removing barriers to learning.

All Services are FREE (no charge to patients or families)
School-Based Health Centers + School Nurses= Student Success

Students spend a significant portion of their day on school grounds. SBHCs are accessible, convenient, encourage family and community involvement, reduce student absenteeism, reduce parental leave from work for doctor visits, and work with school personnel to meet the needs of the students and their families.
Carencro School-Based Health Center
Located on CMS campus
(337) 521-7499 (phone)
(337) 521-7498 (fax)

7:30 - 3:30pm

Physician: D.J. Wilson, MD
Social Worker: Jill Yeates, LCSW 
Telemedicine Nurse: Latisha Jolivette, LPN  - Carencro Zone
Telemedicine Nurse: Jayme Meginley, LPN – Southside High
Health Center Nurse: Charlena Comyne, RN
Medical Assistant: Mandie Schaver, MA


Notice of Privacy Act

Official Enrollment Consent Form

Primary Care Services:
Comprehensive Physicals
Well Child Check-ups
Sports Physicals
Hearing and Vision Screenings
Care of Minor Injuries and Illnesses
Referrals for serious injuries/illnesses
Treatment of allergies and infections
Nutrition Education
Health Education
Limited Gynecological Care
Referrals for Dental Care
Behavioral Health Services:
Crisis Intervention, including
Suicide assessment
Suspected abuse
Individual Therapy
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Community Referrals

*Behavioral Health Services may be provided at the student’s home school or at the health center.
*Not all listed services are available through telemedicine