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Fall Portraits have been scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 6th

Medication and Nursing information:
Please email hgdurieux@lpssonline.com to make an appointment to drop off  medication for the first time.

Need to Register?
Click on the registration link on the left for a list of required documents and to download a packet.
SHS Registrar/Clerk Kelli Montgomery 337-521-7603  kjmontgomery@lpssonline.com

References and Materials from Orientation 7/27/17

Presentation Materials


Nonpublic school students who are coming from an accredited school and are planning to transfer to Southside this summer do NOT have to take the LEAP test.

Nonpublic school students who are coming from an UNACCREDITED school and are planning to transfer to Southside this summer DO have to take the District Placement Test. Contact LPSS Student Services at 337-521-7000 to schedule. 

If you are unsure if your current school is accredited, please click here to view the 16-17 list of non-public schools.

2017-2018 Start Times

For the 2017-2018 school year, the morning bell will ring at 6:45 AM. Buses will begin dropping students off at 6:20 AM. Afternoon dismissal will be at 2:10 PM. 

First Bell 6:20
1st 6:45-7:35 (50 minutes)
2nd 7:40-8:10   (30 minutes)
3rd 8:15-9:05   (50 minutes)
4th 9:10-10:00   (50 minutes)
5th 10:05-10:55   (50 minutes)
LUNCH 10:55-11:20
6th 11:25-12:15   (50 minutes)
7th 12:20-1:10   (50 minutes)
8th 1:15-2:10 (55 minutes)

Dress code information:

Please hover over the Parents and Students tab at the top of this page and click on Dress Code/Uniforms

Parent Scheduling Workshops
(presented by the Counseling Department - Spring 2017)

A link to the one-page Jump Start Career Diploma plans can be found on our Career and Tech Ed page. The one-page templates are a work in progress and will change once we begin adding the names of the faculty members offering the credentials.

Information presented at the parent scheduling meetings can be downloaded below:

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