Welcome to Southside High School, Home of the Sharks!             

Scott Clause


Please check back often for important news and updates.

TRANSPORTATION - All buses that come to Southside are considered shuttle buses.  In the afternoon our buses will take students to Comeaux High School.   At Comeaux, the students will then find the bus that will take them home according to the chart below.   

SHS Shuttle bus
 to Comeaux
Comeaux bus that will take student home
 451 451
 539 539
 105 105
 316 316
 324 534 or 469
 499 486 or 476
 443 325
 197 317
 206 306

**ONLY use this form for an error or problem with your schedule. For example:
    • Duplicate Class          
    • Missing Performance Class (Band, Athletics, etc)       
    • Missing a Class
    • Previously Passed Class         
    • Took Summer School Class                              
    •  Wrong Level Class

Please view the New traffic flow map for parent drop off/pick up at Southside. Please notice all parent drivers will use the second entrance and the student drivers the last entrance. Student drivers will be informed about parking passes and be required to purchase them by August 23. Traffic will be thick the first week of school. We encourage carpooling to avoid long lines.