Our Mission

The faculty and staff of S.J. Montgomery Elementary are committed to the total development of the students in their care.  All children will be encouraged to reach their academic potential, thus, becoming productive members of society.

SJ Montgomery's 4th Quarter School -Wide Plan meeting
You are invited to attend SJ Montgomery's 3rd Quarter School -Wide Plan meeting in the library on

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 3:30

Your involvement is important to SJ Montgomery!

Our Beliefs

  • At S.J. Montgomery Elementary School, emphasis is placed on the belief that the students must come first in the development of an entire school.
  • We believe that the school should be considered as only one of the institutions of society that provides students with an education.
  • Therefore, the faculty and staff at S.J. Montgomery will strive to enlist the assistance, cooperation and resources of parents, guardians, and the community in providing the necessary educational opportunities for our students.
  • We further believe that all children can learn and that teaching and learning are integral, interactive components of the total educational process.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate the individual¬†interests and learning styles of the students, in order that they may function as useful and productive members of society.