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Leader in Me Passport for Families Activity: 

Our focus for March is Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. This means that it is better to listen first and talk second. By taking the time to listen to another person, you reach a higher level of communication.  Teaching Habit 5 to children is done by first considering their age and development. Young children find it difficult to understand another’s paradigm (point of view). This habit is best approached by introducing listening as a skill that should be practiced.  Learning to listen without interrupting and learning to listen with your ears and your heart will help children build a foundation for Habit 5. Simply put, we have two ears and one mouth so that we can spend more time listening with the intent to understand. 

March Activity:

To better understand how listening can help or hurt a relationship, try “pretend listening” with your child for a few minutes.  Your child will most likely be frustrated. Explain what you were doing and discuss how your child feels. Now have your child ignore you when you are talking.  Discuss how it makes you feel when you are ignored. Finish the discussion by thinking of ways to let the other person know when you feel you are not being truly listened to.  

After doing this activity, remember to sign or initial your child’s leadership passport to prove participation in our Family Learning for Leader in Me.  Also, your child will get a free dress on Friday, March 27. Thank you for participating!

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Prairie Elementary School is to provide every student with a nurturing environment to enable them to become successful learners.

BELIEF STATEMENT: We believe that every child has a right to a nurturing environment. The school should provide opportunities for each child to explore his or her strengths and talents.

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