Please schedule orientation with

Mr. Thibodeaux @ 521-7580.

School Supplies will be provided. No backpacks allowed!

You may bring an empty water bottle.


In-service Day September 21, 2022

Report Card Day October 19, 2022

Fall Break October 17-18, 2022

Parent Teacher Conference

October 19, 2022

Teacher Conference Days

October 19 - 11:00am - 7:00pm

February 16 - After School Hours (TBD)

February 17 - 7:30am - 11:30am

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*Book bags, wallets, purses, or bags of any sort are NOT allowed on campus.*

*Students are not allowed to have cell phones or any other electronic equipment on campus. Confiscated items that are able to be returned will only be returned to a parent. LeRosen Preparatory is NOT responsible for any confiscated items that become lost or stolen.*

*Students are not allowed to have any more than $10.00 with them while they are on campus. Parents are asked to ensure this policy is followed.* If more money is found on the student, it will be confiscated, put in the safe and returned to the student at the end of the day.


  • A LeRosen Preparatory Program only blue or school issued uniform shirt. Shirts are available to purchase for $6.00 each (short-sleeved) and $8.00 (long-sleeved).

  • Uniform shirts must be tucked in at all times.

  • Undershirts: If short-sleeved or long-sleeved, it can be any color (preferably black, blue, or gray). Any others colored shirt will be confiscated.

  • A plain solid black, gray, or blue sweatshirt is allowed. No logos, words, graphics of any kind are allowed on the sweatshirt. Also, sweatshirts may not have a hood, zippers, or pockets.

  • Students should have their name on the inside of their sweatshirt. (LeRosen Preparatory is not responsible for any lost items)

Uniform pants only – No shorts, skirts, or dresses

  • Must be khaki only (no other colors). No cargo style or joggers may be worn.

  • May not exceed one size over the student’s waist size.

  • Must be worn on the waist and not sagging. (The Principal’s or the principal’s designee(s) determination as to whether or not clothing is appropriate to the student’s body size shall be determinative and final).

  • Sagging pants will be secured on the waist with a plastic zip-tie.

  • No jeans or stretch material. (Blue jeans may be worn on designated days with administrative permission)

  • Pants may not be excessively tight.

  • Do not tight roll, cuff, or sag the pants.

  • Nothing with pockets can be worn under uniform pants – No gym shorts.


  • Belt may be only black or brown. No excessive/oversized buckles (Louis Vitton, Gucci, etc.)

  • No metal studs, rings, etc.

  • Must be properly fastened and able to perform the function of a belt.

Shoes – Tennis Shoes Only – Solid Black or Solid White Only

  • Shoes must lace up and be securely laced at all times.

  • No boots, sandals, slippers, flip flops, crocs, or any other type of shoe is allowed.


  • Must be worn at all times.

  • Preferably solid color. Must not have any inappropriate wording or images.

  • Hat

  • Knitted caps can be worn in winter months for warmth. The hats will be collected upon entrance to campus and returned at the end of the day.

  • NO hats/caps are allowed to be worn in the building, at any time.


  • Must be a natural color (no highlights or coloring); braids need to be one color.

  • No bandanas can be worn.

  • Eyebrows must be free of slits and designs.

  • Girl’s hair must be pulled back in a ponytail, upon entering campus (elementary students can have two plaits with limited barrettes)

  • Cannot have any hair jewelry.

  • Solid, black headbands only.

Facial Hair

  • Must be neatly groomed.

Make-Up/Fingernail Polish/Artificial Nails – Not Allowed

Students may not wear ANY makeup to school. No eye shadow, eye liner, artificial eyelashes, etc. No finger nail polish , designs on the fingernails, or artificial nails.


  • No jewelry is allowed for male or females – this includes nose, lip, earrings…etc.

Violation of the dress code policy:

1st time: Students will rectify the problem, if we are able to accommodate them their

parents will be notified.

2nd time: Students will report to ISS and the parent will be notified.

3rd time: Parents will have to report to school for a meeting to discuss why

students are not complying with school expectations.

Identification Badges (ID’s)Students must have their ID’s attached to the right side of their shirt EVERYDAY.

Congratulations to our

Outstanding School Support Employee !