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Weekly Agenda

Mrs. Devillier and Mrs. McNamara

March 18-22, 2019


  • Students will study identifying quadrilaterals based on attributes

  • Students will review area, perimeter, and volume.

Social Studies

  • Students will study the 13 colonies-New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies


  • Students will analyze targeted vocabulary in context.

  • Students will describe and summarize a story.

Reading Logs Due on Friday; Homework is to read 20 minutes every night, complete a reading log and turn it in on Friday.  Every Monday, students are directed to copy this assignment in agendas.


  • Students will learn about and use figurative language in their writing.


  • Students explore the planets

    Habit of the Month: Think Win-Win-Everyone can Win



  • Report Cards go home Tuesday, March 26

  • Change for Miles due March 29

  • LEAP 5th grade--April 4-5, 24-26

  • Easter/Spring Break--April 15-22

  • The PE Department is selling Spirit shirts for $12. Adult sizes $15. Please end cash or check and be sure to include the requested size.

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