Dress Code for Dances
Homecoming and Miss Merry Christmas require dressy dresses for girls and shirts and ties for boys.
Sadie Hawkins is casual, but appropriate clothing must be worn.
Prom is formal, coat and tie for boys, LONG formals for girls. (No Costumes)

Bringing Guests
Bringing guests from another school to LHS Dances.
Your guest must be a high school student or older. No middle school students are allowed at LHS dances. You must get a signed permission slip from the school your guest attends stating that the guest is in good standing. The forms are on the counter in the main office. Pictured ID cards are required for all persons attending LHS dances. Prom tickets must be purchased for guests who are not juniors or seniors at LHS. Guests must abide by all guidelines!

School Dances are OPTIONAL
Only students in good standing and those without debts are allowed to go to school dances. Students may be tested with a breathalyzer and/or searched for any illegal substance at any school dance or school function. School discipline and/or arrests may follow.