Where does all the money go??

You may have wondered about the money we raise with our various fundraisers throughout the year.  Here is a little bit of information about what we raised and how we plan to spend it!

Technology:  This is a priority for our school.  Computers break down and need to be replaced.  Last year we raised $12,000 for technology.  We purchased 12 new computers and distributed them to classrooms. We also paid the yearly $1,500 subscription fee to the Franklin-Covey “Leader in Me” website.

Starbuck Store:  Our students are great leaders!  We believe in rewarding those who are proactive and follow the procedures at our school.  Our Starbuck Store is open to all students who earn “Starbucks” for positive behavior.  The items for sale in the store are paid for by funds raised from various fundraisers.  Last year, we raised $2,912 for the purchase of supplies in the Starbuck Store.

Student Incentives:  We love to reward all the students who work hard and earn rewards.  The cost of student trophies, medals, certificates, and other rewards usually costs around $5,000 per year.  Last year we raised $4,430 for the purchase of student incentives.

Appreciation Fund:  We have an awesome team of staff and parents!  We have a fund set aside for breakfasts, luncheons, small gifts, and fun treats.  Last year, we raised $991 for this account.

PE:  Our PE Department does an excellent job of promoting fitness.  An integral part of their curriculum is the running program.  Teachers reward students with “toe tokens” for miles run, and also purchase t-shirts for students who run a certain number of miles per year.  The PE Department is also responsible for maintaining playgrounds and equipment, and is currently saving money to have a cement slab created on the fifth grade playground. 

Here is a breakdown of our fundraisers and the amount(s) earned:

Catalog Sales Fundraiser:  $10, 812.60 (80% technology, 20% student incentives)

Cookie Cake Fundraiser:  $3,964.03  (25% appreciations, 75% general fund office supplies)

Chick Fil-A Spirit Nights:  $450.00 (100% Starbuck Store)

Jamestown Dinner Sales:  $237.50 (100% Starbuck Store)

School Supply Sales:  $1,012.84 (100% Starbuck Store)

Crawfish Boil:  $1212.00 (100% Starbuck Store)

Bowl-A-Thon:  $7879,19 (100% technology)

Yearbook Sales:  $2268.46 (100% student incentives)

Field Day:  9,023.14 (100% PE incentives for running, savings for playground maintenance)