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2020 - 2021 Class Schedule

Period 1 - Digital Media I

Period 2 - Digital Media II

Period 3 - Computer Science I

Period 4 - Computer Science II

Period 5 - Digital Media I

Period 6 - Computer Science I

Period 8 - Planning Period

Contact Mr. Dale Gauthier - ddgauthier@lpssonline.com

Google Number 337-205-2253 (text only)

Conference Period Time 12:45pm - 1:35pm

CS1 - The Students are learning the general concepts of history and current events in technology and computers along with basic computer programming using the C++ Progamming Language.

CS2 - The Students are learning advanced programming concepts of programming in C++. Students also embark on individual projects using other computer languages and programs.

Digital Media I - Students learn the basics of taking and editing photos and graphics through the use of Photoshop and Illustrator. Rules of Copyright laws and Fair Use are discussed. Topics of hue, tint, color wheel, cropping, resolution, pixels, etc are reviewed. Students will be given the opportunity to get a Certified Credential at end of course.

Digital Media II - Students learn the basics of animation and graphics through the use of Adobe Animate. Students also learn the basics of web design through the use of HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver. Students will be given the opportunity to get a Certified Credential at end of course.

Independent Study - Students are working on independent projects with a technology influence. DELL certifications offered.