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The W.D. & Mary Baker Smith Career Center serves as an extension of the high schools in Lafayette Parish.  This innovative school offers students:
  • Career and technical enrichment through hands-on experience in two or three hour blocks of instruction.

  • Approximately 15 courses taught from seven majors and eleven pathways from either the statewide (6), integrated (1), or regional (3) areas.

  • Certified teachers and highly skilled professional technicians who proudly prepare students to meet employers performance standards.

  • Ability to gain real-world experience by learning a particular trade, which will enhance their professional career choices.

  • Completing a career and tech program at the Career Center gives each student the opportunity to continue their education at a four-year college or university, a two year technical/community college, or apprenticeship program. Others will enter the workforce full-time upon graduation.

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Meet Our Principal

Dr. Holly Boffy was named the principal of the W.D. & Mary Baker Smith Career Center in June 2020 by Superintendent Irma Trosclair. According to Dr. Boffy, "Career credentials are the bridge many students need to a positive and productive future after high school graduation. I look forward to working with the school system and the community to help create opportunities for students to earn credentials and find good first jobs." This appointment is a homecoming of sorts for Dr. Boffy as she spent much of her career as a teacher next door at Paul Breaux Middle School. While at Paul Breaux Middle, Dr. Boffy was named the 2010 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year. Dr. Boffy is married to Carrick Boffy. They have two children, Pierce, a Lafayette Parish middle school student, and Claire, who was adopted at birth in 2016. The Boffys enjoy spending time with their family and with their small herd of cows.

Pictured below left to right are Superintendent Irma Trosclair and Dr. Holly Boffy.


The first day for all schools except Southside High & Comeaux High is September 8 for B-day students and September 9 for A-day students.

The first day of school for Southside High & Comeaux High is September 10 for B-day students and September 11 for A-day students.

The W.D. & Mary Baker Smith Career Center will follow the same A/B schedule as the rest of Lafayette Parish School System. If you are scheduled to attend the Career Center, you'll attend on your designated day.

Students will receive their supply list and uniform requirements from their teacher. Our uniforms vary by program



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