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CHS Snapchat Filter Created by Academy Student!

posted Oct 13, 2016, 5:29 AM by Claire Trouard   [ updated Nov 2, 2016, 6:01 AM ]
ave you been on snapchat? Of course, you have! Carencro High School Academy of Information Technology student, Tyran Scott is responsible for the filter available for use. Academy Director, Claire Trouard had the opportunity to sit down with Tyran to discuss the process and challenges he had while making the filter become a reality.

Trouard (CT): “What made you want to create a filter for snapchat?

Tyran (TS): “I have seen filters in other places and thought it would be really cool for our school to have one. We could be represented on social media, especially during football, basketball, and other sporting event games.”

CT: “What software did you use to create the filter?”

TS: “Photoshop”

CT: “What were some of the challenges or problems that you faced?”

TS: “I had to create the images myself, like the bear coming out of the C logo because it wouldn’t be published if the images used in the filter weren’t original. Also the first filter I created could not be published because I did not follow all of the guidelines because I didn’t know about them. So I had to alter it so it would fit the guidelines.”

CT: ”Once you had the art/graphic created, what did you do from there?”

TS: “I had to decide what words I wanted to put, then I went to the geofilter website and submitted it. Before I could submit I had to make sure it was the right file size.”

CT: “What was the process for getting it approved?”

TS: “All I had to do was create the filter then go to the geofilter website and upload it and select the area that the filter was coming from. Once you submit the filter you just wait it out until you get an email saying if your filter was activated or if it couldn’t be activated.”

CT: “How long did it take for the whole process from start to finish?”

TS: “To make the filter it took maybe an hour. The waiting process was the longest, that took maybe 3-5 days, I don’t exactly remember. So the whole process took no longer than 5 days total.”

CT: “How did you know that SnapChat would take art from just anyone?”

TS: “I researched to see who could submit a filter and what the process was. It didn’t say there was a limitation who could submit one so I just went for it and ended up getting a filter activated.”

Congratulations to Tryon Scott! This motivated young man knew what he wanted, researched how to get it, went for it, and was a SUCCESS!! AOIT is lucky to have you!

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