Thank you for being an internship provider for our academy. Your contribution to our students' education is invaluable. 

Part of the internship program is the evaluation of the intern. As an intern provider, you are asked to grade your intern once a week for the duration of the internship and then complete a final evaluation at the conclusion of the 180 hours. The link for those evaluations will come to you through email. Please provide us with the name and email address of the individual who will be completing the evaluations for the intern. It does not have to be the same person each time that the intern is evaluated as we are aware that occasionally interns move around within a business in order to have a greater understanding of your company.

If the supervisor doing the evaluation of the intern changes, please notify us with the change of email address and name of the elevator. 

In case of an emergency during the summer internship program, supervisors are asked to call 337-344-8815.