Our technology and academic faculty have been engaged in professional development activities, workshops, and conferences in order to increase their technical knowledge and sharpen their teaching strategies. We hope that it will have a positive impact on student achievement. 

The CHS Academy of Information Technology has been affiliated with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) since 2004. NAF supplies professional development opportunities for individual classes, for structural components of the academy (such as advisory boards, internships, work-based learning opportunities, etc.), certain course curricula, and networking opportunities with over 500 NAF academies throughout the nation. Our academy program has received several national accolades, recognition, and awards since opening our doors in the fall of 2004. 

Courses: Business Computer Applications
  • IC3 (Internet Computing Core Certification)
  • MOS (Word, PowerPoint)
  • CIW (Certified Internet Web Master Associate)
  • B.S. Business Education, Computer Literacy
  • A.S. Office Administration and Word Processing
Contact Information: cetrouard@lpssonline.com, 337.521.7391

 Mr. Daniel Soileau
Courses: Advance Web Mastering, Databases, Video Game Design, Computer Animation, Computer Science I, and Independent Studies Multimedia.
  •  IC3 (Internet Computing Core Certification)d
  • MOS (Word, PowerPoint)
  • CompTIA A+, Network+
  • Cisco CCENT
  • B.S. Informatics 
Contact Information: dssoileau@lpssonline.com

 Mr. Daniel Lane
Course: Computer Technology II and Java
  • Java
  • B.S. General Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

 Ms. Michelle Broussard
Courses: Digital Graphics, Web Design, and Computer Technology I
  • IC3 (Internet Computing Core Certification)
  • MOS (Word, PowerPoint)
  • CIW (Certified Internet Web Master Associate)
  • B.S. Business Education
  • M. S. Computer Science
 Mrs. Debra Devillier
Courses: Special Education Specialist
Internship facilitator. Mrs. Devillier works as the liaison between our students and internship providers.

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