2017-2018 School Fundraiser

Did you know that we are aiming to have ONLY ONE fundraiser of this type this year?  Our goal is to raise $20,000!  Our plan is to use the funds for general fund account to purchase school supplies & equipment, teacher and school incentive funds, and parent involvement activities.  Help us reach our goal!  Do you want to opt out of making sales, but still feel generous?  Read about our Opt Out process this year, and your child can still earn prizes!

 How to Get Started:
  • Start taking orders today.  Collect money when orders are taken.  Do not collect sales tax!
  • Put student's name, teacher's name on all order forms and on back side of collection envelope.
  • Return to school in the envelope provided the exact cash or check(s) made payable to J.W. James.
  • Please do not return money to school until November 7th.
 Register to win $1000/$500/$50

Register to win $1000 or $500!  Purchase THREE or more items and you are eligible to enter for these prizes.  See details here
Pay Using Your Credit or Debit Card using EZ Pay:  A method for payment only!  
(Please write your order on the student's order form before paying online!)

  • Visit www.number1fundraising.com/ezpay
  • Enter your Group ID:  JWJF17
  • Complete ALL information (chcck all boxes)
  • Enter your order
  • Check out
  • Write your confirmation number on the student's order form
    • NOTE:  The product will be shipped to the school and the parents will pick it up and deliver to the consumer.  This is for online PAYMENT only.  If you want to order online, pay online, and have merchandise delivered to your customers, read the "Optional Home Delivery Shopping Program" instructions.  
Optional Home Delivery Shopping Program 

Now family and friends can order product from our shopping cart and have the product shipped straight to the purchaser!
  • Visit www.number1fundraising.com
  • Create an account for your child to receive credit for the sale and incentives offered for orders placed online.
  • Enter your Program ID: 173983200
  • Customer will pay shipping, handling, and sales tax charges, if applicable, when ordering online.
  • Please do not write your order on the form if you are using home delivery and paying online.

J. Wallace James Elementary
Extra "Thank You" Prizes You can Earn!
Sell 1 item and you will get to dress up as your "Favorite Super Hero" on an announced day.
Sell 5 items and you will go to a popsicle party, PLUS you will receive a ticket to the "Paint the Administrator/Teacher Party"
Sell 10 items and you will be our guest at a "Magic Show" at school, with Entertainment by Mitch the Magician.
Sell 20 items and you will ride like a STAR in the LIMOUSINE to the Acadiana Mall for a round of Golf at Lunar Golf!
Top seller in every class will get to paint an administrator and a teacher!