Walking/Mileage Club

The Primary School Walking/Mileage Club
Students can participate in the Walking/Mileage Club when they have recess out on the back playground as a great way to get moderate to vigorous physical activity!  In addition, students have been given the challenge to walk 10 miles by the end of the school year!  Mrs. Woods will track mileage for students throughout the the school year for students. A student earns a colorful foot token and has her or his name added to the Wall of Fame for the following mileage totals: 2 Mile Wall of Fame, 4 Mile Wall of Fame, 6 Mile Wall of Fame, 
8 Mile Wall of Fame and 10 Mile Wall of Fame and more!  
*15 laps around the back playground track is approximately 1 mile.
*Students can count and keep track of the laps they walk, skip, gallop or jog during recess with straws.
*Safety first!  Students must be safe on track, traveling at a safe speed and passing on the outside 
while respecting other's personal space.
*We remind them to be honest like Hannah the Honesty Mouse to be proud of the miles they walk!!