2019 $500 Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown Reward

For completing the Six Fuel Up to Play 60 Steps (Kickoff, Draft Players, Survey the Field, Eat Healthy, Game Time, Light Up the Scoreboard), Primary School has been named a Touchdown School for the second year in a row!  We are so incredibly grateful to the New England Dairy and Food Council for this additional $500 to support our PE program!  

Primary School's 2018-19 Fuel Up to Play 60 Plays:
Physical Activity Play:  Recess Refresh- It's Not so Elementary!
Since last year we have adopted a new recess format for students to provide more active play recess options for students.  By dividing grade level groupings in half (on front and back playgrounds), students can safely participate in the Walking/Mileage Club and small group activities (beanbag and ball Four Square, hopscotch, long jump rope, etc.).  Students in grades one and two also have an indoor recess option in the gym on selected days for lots of physical activity utilizing the Rock Wall (funded/refurbished by our FUTP 60 grant in 2013-2014) and our new physical activity 
equipment  (funded by our FUTP 60 grant last year).
Healthy Eating Play:  It's All About Your Choices- Go Nutritious!
We are working to get our students excited about healthy meals and snacks in our school cafeteria!  Research shows when nutrient-rich options were presented in visually appealing ways in the cafeteria- consumption increases!  Fun posters promoting nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, dairy and whole grain foods, changed each month, posted near the lunch line get kids excited about healthy options!