Massachusetts Physical Education Standards

By the end of grade 5: 

Standard 2:  Fitness and Physical Activity

Through the study of Motor Skill Development students will

2.1 Apply movement concept including directionality, balance, level (high, low) pathway (straight, curve zigzag), range (expansive, narrow), and force (rigid,, soft) to extend versatility and improve physical performance.

2.2 Use a variety of manipulative, locomotor skills (walking, running, skipping, hopping etc..) and non locomotor skills (twisting, bending, extending etc.) for individual performance and group performances.

2.3 Perform rhythm routines, including jump roping and dance skills to demonstrate fundamental movement skills.

Through the study of Fitness students will

2.4 Identify physical and psychological changes that result from participation in a variety of physical activities.

2.5 Explain the benefits of physical fitness to good health and an increased active lifestyle.

2.6 Identify the major behaviors that contribute to wellness (exercise, nutrition, hygiene,rest, and recreation, refraining from using tobacco, alcohol and other substances).

Through the study of Personal and Social Competency students will

2.7 Demonstrate responsible personal and social conduct used in physical activity and dynamic environments.