Peaceful Playgrounds Program

Peaceful  Playgrounds  Program

(supported by our 2017-18 Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant)

The purpose of the Peaceful Playground Program is to make the playground a safe and peaceful place to play, learn and grow.   The program is used by over 8,000 schools nationwide and has received numerous awards for its efforts surrounding conflict resolution. 

Five Principles of a Peaceful Playground

1.      Marking the Playground:  Well marked game lines and boundaries are a must!  They serve as a motivating reminder to the students that the markings represent a fun and organized activity.  No time is wasted asking, “What shall we do now?”  With the markings in place, fewer conflicts occur and the population is spread evenly throughout the playground area which ensures safe play for everyone.

2.      Consistent Set of Rules:  The most difficult part of playground safety is solving disputes between students.  With the Peaceful Playgrounds program, all students are taught the same consistent set of rules for each game.  The rules for the games are not difficult and allow fair play for everyone.

3.      Solutions to Conflicts:  Appropriate social interaction takes place when students are taught skills for dealing with conflicts.  The Peaceful Playgrounds Program defines “how” to solve conflicts in a fair and positive manner.   Children are encouraged to solve their problems among themselves before having to use help from an adult.

4.      Equipment Available:  Our children have the appropriate equipment for all of the games on the playground.   We share and play together!  Helpers work to “replenish” the equipment if it becomes broken or is missing.

5.      Consistent Expectations:  For the first time ever, all students and staff were taught the same playground games and the expectations that surround them.  The students are held accountable for fair play and problem solving.

 Conflict Resolution on the Playground

It is inevitable that disputes and discussions will occur surrounding games and activities that students are

 involved with on the playground. Since recess is relatively short and we want our children to be active and healthy, 

 Peaceful Playgrounds utilizes a simple method for settling disputes.  We call them 

Conflict Resolution Options.  

  All students and teachers have been taught how and when they can be used. by using these Conflict Resolution 

Options, disputes are settled quickly and play can resume for the remainder of recess.


Conflict Resolution/Options


Use rock-paper-scissors option to settle dispute.


   Leave the game and talk to reach an agreement.            


Walk away from the problem and play something else.

Peaceful Playground Games

Activities on our "back playground":

Short and long rope jumping, 

Chinese jump rope games ("Americans", "Ice Cream Cones", "Diamonds"), 

hopscotch (including Bean Bag Hopscotch), Bean Bag Four Square, 

Ball Four Square, and walking track and the "10 Mile Challenge.".


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