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PE Monthly Update

November News:  This month students will work on manipulative (ball) skills and practice bounce and catch and dribbling skills in a wide variety of activity skill stations.  Students will be challenged to bounce and catch with soft hands, dribble waist-high with finger-pads in self space, dribble and walk, and dribble and make a rainbow to shoot into the hoop. Also this month students will work to develop nonlocomotor skills and balance while safely traveling through a variety of challenging Obstacle Courses!  Independently and in partners, students will travel on, over, across, through, and around a wide variety of obstacles, including balance beams, tunnels, tactile mounds, hoop stands and mats.  Students will explore and utilize many movement concepts:  spatial awareness (self and general space),  levels (high, medium, low), pathways (straight, curvy, zigzag), and relationships (leading, following).  Students will also participate in physical fitness activities such “challenge by choice” Rock Wall and Wall Mat challenges to also develop muscular strength and muscular endurance.

October News:  Students will participate in a wide variety of locomotor, manipulative and rhythmic activities utilizing a parachute, scarves, hoop ribbons and rhythm wands to explore movement concepts such as spatial awareness, levels, and pathways.   In October we will also Kick Off our Fuel Up to Play 60 Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Plays for the 2018-19 school year with all students and staff invited to sign the Fuel Up to Play 60 Pledge (to promise to fuel their body with nutrient-rich food and work to accumulate 60 minutes or more of moderate and/or vigorous physical activity each day to develop strong, healthy bodies)!  In October students in grades K, 1 and 2 also will be assessed on specific locomotor and manipulative skills.  These same assessments will be administered again in May with student scores compared at the end of the year to show skill growth!  

September News:  Students are learning Physical Education Class Expectations:  be respectful, be responsible, and be safe. This month students will work "like a team" to create a safe gym space by respecting their friends (and their friends' personal/self space), taking care of equipment responsibly and cooperating with others in physical activity!  Students will learn and practice Recess Games such as short and long rope jumping, hula hoop tricks, hopscotch, and Bean Bag Four Square. The Peaceful Playground Program concept will be implemented again this year at recess and will provide students with many recess activity options that are constructive and fun and are designed help students develop negotiating and communication skills that will serve them in adulthood and life!  Students have been practicing how to utilize “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Show” as a strategy to resolve conflict and handle recess problems independently.