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Health Monthly Update

October News:  To celebrate National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month in October, students will learn how their actions affect others, will gain skills to report incidents of hurtful behaviors to adults, and will identify constructive alternatives to negative behaviors and violence.  Students will learn about the difference between a bad friend and a bully. Students will explore strategies to stop bullying which include refusing to be a bystander, always turning to trusted adult, and reaching out and supporting victims/targets. Students will also learn about the importance of 60 minutes or more of daily physical activity for building strong, healthy bodies as well as healthy habits outlined by the American Heart/Stroke Association's Life's Simple 7 for Kids. .

September News:  Students are learning Health Class Expectations:  be respectful, be responsible, and be safe. Students will practice interpersonal communication skills to help develop positive relationships, friendships, and improve the social environment of the school.  Students are encouraged to be Bucket Fillers (friends who help without being asked, give compliments, and generally spread good feelings to others) and Whole Body Listeners (those who use their entire body (eyes, ears, arms, legs, brain and caring heart) to "listen" and be a friend to others.  Students also will discuss character traits that strengthen a friendship including respectfulness, responsibility, honesty, kindness and fairness. Students worked on acts of kindness at school, at home and in the community to help others and change the world in a positive way. Students helped to create our Be Kind Change the World bulletin board to inspire others to also spread kindness!