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Take the PACES Day Challenge!
rimary School Families are invited to participate in our 2nd Annual At Home PACES Day Challenge on Saturday, May , 2018!!  Mrs. Woods and her family challenge you to EXERCISE AS A FAMILY too!
Take a family walk, family bike ride, participate in an exercise video together or play sports as a family!
For 12 more PACES Day Ideas click this link: 
If you are comfortable doing so, we would love for you to share a picture of your family exercising together  that can be posted on Mrs. Woods' PE website!
Have fun and be healthy!

PACES is an acronym for 'Parents And Children Exercise Simultaneously.'  PACES Day takes place every weekend throughout the year, highlighted on a Saturday in May. Children need daily, quality physical education in school, and exercise time at home (PACES).

Find out more about this important initiative by clicking this link: 

Join Mrs. Woods and her family and sign up the for the May 6th PACES Celebration Day by clicking this link:

Download a PACES certificate for your family, 52 Weeks of simple fitness activities for your family to do each weekend of the year, and a handy exercise chart to keep your family active to celebrate PACES all year by clicking this link: