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AHA's Kids Heart Challenge


During the week of February 11-15, our school ran the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge.  When your child participated in this challenge during Physical Education class, he/she practiced jump rope and other manipulative skills while learning about heart health and how nutrition and physical activity can help them live longer, healthier lives. Students participated in jumping, fitness and experiential learning stations.  Stations included the Artery Challenge (where students traveled, like blood, through “unclogged” and “clogged” arteries/tunnels), Healthy Heart Rock Wall Challenge (where students traversed rock wall while reviewing heart healthy tips with the Scare Squad), and the 4 Chambers of the Heart Challenge (where students on scooters safety traveled, like blood, through the 4 rooms of the large heart model).  


Mrs Woods challenged the school to fill one jumbo jug and she would dye her hair red for the day!

The school filled not one but THREE jugs with coins!!

Thank you Leicester Primary School families and staff for your generous donations during our Coin Drive for the American Heart Association!