Leicester Elementary School: PE

Check out these Calendars!

May 2020 Mind and Body Calendar (scroll down to bottom for document)

May 2020 DEAM (Drop Everything and Move!) Calendar click here

Virtual FIELD DAY for Leicester Elementary School!

You can still participate in “Field Day”!  Take part in one event or many events!  Students and families can choose from 21 different events that can be done inside or outside.  
All events require items that can be found around the house!
Mrs. Woods' Family's Favorite 4 Events:

YouTube Video

Event You Can Try:

YouTube Video

PE Lesson #5

Please Follow the LES PE Twitter Page: @LESPE10 
with your family to see more Fun Challenges!

Can you beat Mrs. Woods? Can you beat your own record? Can you challenge a family member?
Great job being active and healthy!

Don't forget to incorporate the BIG 3 into each day!

688 miles so far!
Participate in the Walk 500 Miles Challenge!
Leicester Elementary students and families are challenged to collectively walk 
500 Miles!
Report mileage to Mrs. Woods via email (woodss@lpsma.net) 
and she'll add to the school's total and post to this site!
(Remember if 2 family members walk 1 mile - 
please report 2 miles walked collectively!)
Also, if you would like, send a picture of your family enjoying the health benefits of walking 
and I will also post on this website to inspire others to walk too!
Happy Walking!  (Check out the WALK CHALLENGE tab on top left for
 lots of student pictures!)
(Consider these free health apps recommended by Action for Healthy Kids for tracking miles:  Map My Run (student recommended!!) or Strava-I plan to try them out-please let me know what you think if you try them-thanks.)

*For more physical activity ideas and health tips from previous days, please click more 

DAILY ACTIVITY IDEAS tab on top left.

Physical Education at Home Choice Board:

For more activity ideas to keep you body and mind active, healthy and 

engaged while school is closed, scroll down to bottom of page to access direct links! 

(For larger version of PE at Home Choice Board to view, please scroll down to bottom and click document: PE at Home Choice Board below.)

Physical Education at Home Choice Board Support:
American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge: please scroll down to bottom to AHA doc.
Flipgrid Support: Website link: https://info.flipgrid.com
(Please note: 1st-4th graders have their own Google accounts which they can access from home.  

Username: first initial last name year of graduation @lpsma.net

Example - adonovan2030@lpsma.net

Password: lunch code twice

Example - 12341234)

Fuel Up to Play 60: Parent letter: please scroll down to bottom to Parent Info Letter.
Fuel Up to Play 60: Website link: https://www.fueluptoplay60.com
GoNoodle: Website link: https://www.gonoodle.com
Mind Yeti: Website link: https://www.mindyeti.com/ 
OPENPhysEd.org: Website/Activities: https://openphysed.org/activeschools/activehome

(Please email Mrs. Woods at woodss@lpsma.net with further questions.
Thanks so much for visiting my PE website!)


Thanks to Leicester Elementary School students, families and staff, 

our school's donation total amount at the end of the Kids Heart Challenge campaign is $5,698.31

for the American Heart Association! WOW!

(This includes $230 collected in the coin donation jar!)

THANK YOU Leicester Elementary School Community for your generosity!


116 participants walked 198 miles!
(We broke last year's 135 1/2 mile record!  Awesome!) 
A big thank you to the Leicester Middle School student volunteers who passed 
out straws to help walkers track their miles!
Thank you Leicester Elementary School students, staff and families for coming out to 
exercise for fun on a cloudy Wednesday evening!

(Click Family Walks on left sidebar for more pictures!)


The National Dairy Council® (NDC) and the National Football League (NFL) — in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) — are making a long-term commitment to America’s youth with a school-based nutrition and fitness initiative called Fuel Up to Play 60. The initiative gets students involved in creating a healthier school environment that promotes student health, learning and achievement. Through Fuel Up to Play 60, students will pledge to choose more nutritious foods (including low-fat and fat-free dairy foods, fruits, vegetables and whole grains), get 60 minutes of physical activity every day, and encourage their friends, family and their entire school to join them — and have fun too!

Your child’s school is part of a select group from across the country participating in Fuel Up to Play 60.  This year our school’s Physical Activity Play is All in, All Abilities- Activate Your School and will engage and motivate all students to get physically active!  Our school’s Healthy Eating Play is Food:  Waste Less and Enjoy- It’s Good for All of Us and focuses on 3 ways to decrease food waste:  reduce, recover and recycle.  Students will be involved in these plays throughout the school year in Physical Education class! 

Students, with the help of adults at home are invited to be involved with our Fuel Up to Play 60 Program by using some tools at home.  Please learn more by clicking Parent-Information-Letter by scrolling below.

4th Annual JUMP ROPE CHALLENGE 2019-20

Students are challenged to be active at school and at home and practice rope jumping tricks for the Jump Rope Challenge!  For designated weeks, students in grades 2-4 can borrow (optional) a jump rope from Mrs. Woods to take home!

Grade 4:  please return ropes
Grade 3:  please return ropes
rade 2:  will borrow soon!

(Click Jump Rope Challenge on left sidebar for Jump Trick info!)


CHECK THIS OUT! "Parenting wired kids can be difficult, especially if you didn't grow up 
with the same technologies.  These resources can help!"  NetSmartz

Resources cover internet safety concepts for parents/guardians and kids!  Find internet safety
 activities, games and videos under the KIDS tab.
NetSmartz Workshop link https://www.netsmartz.org/NetSmartzKids   

free and healthy fun!

Home is better with GoNoodle!  It turns screen time into active time! 
 It creates great family fun and makes your home healthier! 
Sign up for free at Home by clicking this link:  https://family.gonoodle.com
Mindfulness for kids and their adults!  Guided mindfulness sessions to help kids calm down, focus their attention and get ready for whatever's next!  Get started for free by clicking this link:  https://www.mindyeti.com/                         

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