A.  Study Habits

Students are expected to give their best effort every day in school. Being a successful learner involves self-discipline and organization. Coming prepared for class and good study habits are extremely important. Here are some tips that will help you do well:

  • Every person has an optimal time of day for learning. Determine the best time for you to study each day.
  • Have an assignment book.
  • Be sure you understand the assignment. Ask questions.
  • Remember to take your work home from school.
  • Find a quiet, well-lit place where it is easy to focus and think.
  • Budget your time and set goals for yourself.
  • Have all the supplies you need before you begin working.
  • Plan to take a few short breaks between your subjects.
  • Avoid interruptions.
Good study habits developed during the middle school years will strengthen future academic performance

B.  Student Accountability Plans

The purpose of this plan is to identify students and develop strategies, actions, and steps for students to successfully pass the academic course or courses they are in danger of failing in the eighth grade.


Students who fail a course or courses for the first two marking periods based on a Year To Date Average.


  1. In January, a report will be generated for all students who failed a course or courses in the first marking period in the eighth grade.
  2. The Special Education teachers and/or the LEP liaison will receive the list of Special Education students and LEP students who are failing. They will determine the best course of action according to the goals, objectives, and accommodations outlined in the students’ plans.
  3. For regular education students who are failing a course or courses, parents or guardians will be notified.
  4. An Accountability Plan will be developed for each student failing. The plan will address specific strategies, actions, and steps needed to be taken by the student in order to pass his/her failing courses. Contracts will be sent home and signed by the student and parents/guardians.
  5. Periodically, the progress of each failing student will be evaluated. If at the end of the eighth grade the student is failing Science, Social Studies or Foreign Language, Leicester High School Summer School will be recommended.
    1. If a student fails English language arts or mathematics, Leicester High School Summer School will be mandatory before the student may proceed to the ninth grade.
    2. If a student does not attend or does not pass Leicester High School Summer School he or she will remain in the eighth grade for one High School semester. During this semester another educational contract will be created.
    3. After this semester, students will be enrolled in the ninth grade at Leicester High School and any earned credit will be applied toward their transcript.
  6. Final decision on the Student Accountability Plan will be made by the Middle School principal.
  7. Appeals will be in accordance with the existing Leicester School Committee Policy.

C.  Reports Cards and Honor Roll

Report cards are issued three times a year, at the end of each 60 day marking period. A grade of 60 or above is passing. Your teacher may include comments on the progress report or report card; these comments are good indicators as to your success. If you or your parents have concerns regarding your grade, both you and your parents are encouraged to speak with your teacher.  Report Cards and Progress Reports will all be released electronically through IParent.  If you would like a paper copy printed, please notify the schools Main Office.

Please click HERE to view the School Committee's policy on Report Cards


                                         High Honors............. 90 and above in all subjects

                                         Honors................. 80 and above in all subjects


High Honors................ 90 or higher in all end of year courses each year of Middle School

Honors.................. 80 or higher in all end of year courses each year of Middle School


An 8th Grader who has earned a 90 or higher in each of the terms for all three years in Middle School.


D.  Homework Policy

Homework is an integral part of the instructional program and learning process. It includes any work assigned by the teacher to be done outside of the classroom that reinforces concepts taught, prepares students for future assignments, assists in the integration of knowledge and skills learned, and provides an opportunity to work creatively.

Students are required to write down the daily homework assignment. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the student to ask the teacher for assistance if he/she does not clearly understand the assignment. The student must complete the homework assignment in a neat and timely fashion. Failure to hand in homework will result in a lowered average in that subject.

Please click HERE to view the School Committee's policy on Homework.

E.  Make-Up Work Policy

Tests, quizzes, classwork and home assignments may be made up when the student is absent from school for acceptable reasons. It is the responsibility of the student to approach the teacher for the missed work.  Failure to complete make-up work within established time limits may result in a failing grade. A student who is on an authorized leave may make up all work missed for the learning experience.

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