Weekly Challenge

Each week CommuniTeen students are challenged to perform random acts of kindness for family, friends, and neighbors. For this challenge they should volunteer without being asked, and they cannot be paid for their services. Rather, they must do them out of the goodness of their hearts (without complaining).  

Examples of this type of volunteerism include:

  • Helping the family with housework and chores
  • Helping younger siblings with homework
  • Helping a grandparent rake the yard
  • Feeding and walking pets

Step-up to Volunteer
Every month CommuniTeen visits a different venue to make a difference in the community. The purpose is to expose students to different types of service and different populations that need to be served. 

Many of the venues they visit have their own volunteer program. If a student finds out that they like working at a particular venue, or with a certain group of people, they can step up and volunteer on their own time outside of the CommuniTeen group. 

For example, this past summer some students realized that they liked working at New England All Breed Rescue, and volunteered on their own time to help out at the animal shelter.