Digital learning at Leicester High School
Starting in August 2016, every Leicester High School student will be provided with a Chromebook. Students will have access to Chromebooks 24/7, and are encouraged to use the device outside of the school for a true anytime, anyplace learning experience. This program is meant to support 21st century learning, where technology ceases to be a scheduled event, freeing teachers and students to collaborate and create in real-time.

This site provides resources and a roadmap for digital learning in Leicester.

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A Vision of Digital Learning (Key Areas)

Learning must extend beyond the walls of Leicester High School for our students to compete on the global stage.  To prepare students for college and career we must provide them with anytime, anywhere access to the curriculum and the necessary tools to personalize their education.

Beliefs About Learning

How does digital learning support our beliefs?

We believe in providing varied learning opportunities.

Key Area

Students will...

  • Collaborate by sharing documents through Google and working together online.

  • Effectively communicate with each other using  technology and participate in educational opportunities beyond the classroom.

  • Utilize technology to produce and publish examples of gained knowledge.

We believe in teaching higher-order thinking skills.

Key Area

Students will...

  • Apply techniques and strategies to solve problems posed within the classroom.

  • Leverage technology to engage in discussions that require analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

  • Create products collaboratively using a variety of different  strategies and programs.

We believe in challenging all students with a rigorous curriculum.

Key Area

Students will...

  • Take ownership of their education and have the autonomy to take risks.

  • Apply knowledge to authentic situations beyond the classroom.

LHS Digital Learning Vision